Token Burn Strategy

$WSI 206,192,138 WeSendit Tokens Burned

WeSendit conducts token burns to decrease the overall supply of our native token, WSI. These burns may occur depending on the company's revenue and for potential marketing purposes.

Last Burn: January 1, 2024 Amount Burned: 206,192,138 WSI

How are WeSendit Tokens Burned? WeSendit tokens are burned by transferring a predetermined quantity of tokens to a burn address, rendering them irretrievable and permanently removing them from circulation. WeSendit ensures transparency by providing the transaction ID for each burn, allowing the public to verify the transactions on the Binance Smart Chain.

WeSendit Burning Mechanism WeSendit plans to allocate up to 10% of its quarterly revenues, derived from Web3 subscriptions, for the repurchase, holding, and burning of WeSendit tokens. The team intends to burn up to 500 million WeSendit tokens in conjunction with promotional activities and completed Web3 subscriptions, aiming to reduce the total supply to less than 1 billion WSI within five years.

Previous WeSendit Burn Details can you find on:

By consistently burning tokens and transparently documenting these actions, WeSendit aims to enhance the value and stability of the WSI token. This strategic approach not only supports the token economy but also reinforces WeSendit's commitment to a decentralized and robust ecosystem.

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