Reward System for Node Operators

Node operators are rewarded from various pools with WSI, enhancing the attractiveness and profitability of participating in the network:

  • Operations Pool:

    • The Operations Pool accounts for 10% of the total stock of 150 million WSI tokens and is allocated for node operators. There are multipliers of 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x that are applied to the storage space provided. Each node operator can receive one of these multipliers for a maximum period of 180 days, depending on specific activities.

Example: During the Initial Main Phase, a node operator receives 3 USD in WSI per TB. If a node operator provides 10 TB of storage space and receives the 8x multiplier, the reward is calculated as follows:

  • Base reward: 3 USD/TB * 10 TB = 30 USD

  • With 8x multiplier: 30 USD * 8 = 240 USD in WSI

This means that the node operator would receive 240 USD in WSI for providing 10 TB of storage space at 100% utilization.

  • Rewards for Excess Resources:

    • Excess storage capacities outsourced to WeSendit storage partners such as Storj, the Filecoin network, or other Web3 storage partners generate additional revenue in their native tokens. These rewards in Storj or FIL tokens are fully converted into WSI tokens. All proceeds benefit the node operators.

The monetary approach of WeSendit as a Storage Aggregator specifically strengthens decentralization both within our own network and among our partners, significantly enhancing data security. By this system, users are motivated to provide storage space, promoting active participation in the network and thus directly contributing to the growth and efficiency improvement of WeSendit. This model ensures that WeSendit remains at the forefront of digital storage solutions, not only advancing technology but also building a strong community of users and partners who collectively contribute to the revolution of data management and storage.

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