Node Balancer

The Node Balancer has an extensive database that records all registered nodes of the network. It indexes and monitors the available nodes regularly to ensure they meet the requirements and operate reliably. Nodes are rated and classified based on criteria such as availability, response time/ping, bandwidth, and uptime (visible as "Score" on your node's dashboard).

When the MasterNode reports a file for storage, the Node Balancer contacts the nodes to initiate the upload process. It takes into account the current load on the nodes and ensures an even distribution of upload requests across the network. This load balancing ensures that no node is overloaded and optimal transmission speed is achieved.

The Node Balancer also acts as an information source for other components of the network. It stores the current storage capacities of the nodes to ensure that the available space is used efficiently. Additionally, it regularly updates the status of the nodes [Mainnet / Testnet / Checknet] to ensure that only reliable and active nodes participate in the file transfer.

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