Master Node

WeSendit MasterNodes are powerful and specialized nodes within the network that play a crucial role in file transfer. Their primary purpose is to ensure a fast and efficient upload process for users. When a user uploads a file, it is first sent to the WeSendit MasterNodes. Here, the file is compressed to optimize transmission time and storage requirements. The compression is performed using advanced algorithms to achieve the most efficient compression possible without data loss. This step helps to improve transmission speed while simultaneously reducing resource needs.

After compression, the information (e.g., transfer/storage size and metadata) is passed on to the Node Balancer, which is responsible for further processing and distributing it to nodes in the network. Thus, the WeSendit MasterNodes serve as a central hub for the upload process and play a significant role in optimizing data transmission.

By utilizing specialized MasterNodes, WeSendit ensures that the upload process is fast and reliable, regardless of the number of users and file size. The MasterNodes are designed to be powerful and highly available to guarantee a seamless user experience.

Overall, the WeSendit MasterNodes are an essential component of the decentralized network, enabling fast and efficient file transfer while also ensuring the security and integrity of the data. Their performance and specialization significantly contribute to the smooth functioning of the WeSendit network.

After encryption, each part of the file is tagged with a hash code. This code is then used by the indexer to track the location of each fragment within the entire WeSendit infrastructure, ensuring that the fragments can always be found and correctly assembled when the user wishes to retrieve the file at a later time.

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