Preparation for Operation


During the presale phase, starting on June 28, 2024, on the website, node operators can purchase the WeStakeit NFT required for operating a node. The presale offers 12 tier levels, with the stake per tier serving as collateral and proof of commitment to operate the node and support the network. To ensure constant availability and integrity of data, the stake is locked for a minimum of 52 weeks. For this direct proof of commitment, all future node operators immediately receive rewards from the staking pool upon acquiring their WeStakeit NFT license. These rewards can be additionally claimed at the end of the 52-week lock-up period, and they receive a time-limited 8x multiplier for the provided storage. If a user decides against operating a node, they can sell their NFT and the associated benefits.

Rewards during the Presale (WeStakeit NFT)

WeStakeit NFT holders who received their stake during the presale phase can claim their rewards from the staking pool after 52 weeks only if they have used their WeStakeit NFT to activate their node.

Rewards after the Presale (Node NFT License)

The minimum number of WSI Tokens required as a stake (collateral) for operating NEBULA, ORBIT, or COSMOS nodes depends on the type of node operated. The exact amount of stake per node type is determined by the WeStakeit NFT purchased during the presale and will be announced two weeks before the presale ends.

Node operators can use their WeStakeit NFT license acquired during the presale to operate a node. This WeStakeit NFT can later be exchanged for a Node Type NFT license, which allows the operation of one of the three node types (NEBULA, ORBIT, COSMOS). Alternatively, node operators can also purchase the Node Type NFT license directly after the presale to operate one of the three node types.

Node operators receive rewards for providing storage 90 days after submitting their application. If they withdraw early after 30 days, a 75% penalty is applied to the rewards, and the operator loses eligibility for bonus rewards. After 90 days, the vesting period automatically extends to 120 days, with a minimum withdrawal of $10 in WSI.


Only users who are at least 18 years old can claim rewards and will undergo a KYC process when claiming their rewards. This includes users from Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and the regions of Crimea, Donetsk People's Republic, and Luhansk People's Republic.

Security Deposit (Stake)

The minimum number of WSI Tokens that must be deposited as a stake depends on the type of node operated.

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