Storage Node

The nodes form the crucial foundation of the decentralized WeSendit network and provide storage space for uploaded files. They function as data storage, allowing users to securely and reliably store and access their files within the network.

Each node provides 64 MB storage packets to meet the needs of various file sizes and types. The nodes are operated by node operators and meet the minimum requirements, including a stable round-the-clock internet connection and a minimum data transfer rate.

Nodes actively participate in the network, offering their storage capacity for file transfer. They receive upload requests from the Node Balancer and securely store the uploaded files. The files are organized in special storage blocks and tagged with hashes to ensure data integrity.

As network participants, nodes are subject to various evaluation criteria such as availability, response time/ping, and data transfer speed. These criteria are monitored and assessed by the Node Balancer to ensure that the nodes operate reliably and meet the network's requirements.

Nodes in the WeSendit network are classified into various networks: Checknet, Testnet and Mainnet. In the Checknet, all nodes are registered, while the Testnet and Mainnet must meet stricter criteria to be classified as trustworthy and high-quality nodes.

The nodes are responsible for securely storing uploaded files and responding to download requests.

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