Security and Redundancy

Security Security and data integrity are central to the WeSendit network. To ensure that all user data remains secure and accessible at all times, WeSendit implements an extensive redundancy strategy. In terms of the security of the data stored in the WeSendit network, we place great emphasis on the use of encryption technologies. We rely on end-to-end encryption to ensure that data remains secure during transmission and while at rest.

Redundancy Whenever a request to upload a file to the network is made, a process is initiated that goes well beyond merely storing the file on a single node. Instead, the file is redundantly distributed across multiple nodes in the network. This means that copies of the file are stored on various nodes throughout the network. This procedure significantly increases the fault tolerance and availability of the data, as the data can still be retrieved even if some nodes fail or are not accessible. Moreover, this method improves data integrity and security, as the data is distributed across multiple locations, thus protecting it against data loss or tampering. This process is a crucial part of the file upload and helps ensure that the network operates efficiently, securely, and reliably. Each file is further divided into ten parts, thus securing 40 data fragments on 40 different nodes. Specifically, each uploaded file is stored three times in the Mainnet and once in the Test. This fourfold redundancy provides high fault tolerance and ensures that data remains accessible even if one or more nodes fail. It also increases the speed of access to files, as users can download from the node that is most accessible and least busy. In addition to the triple redundancy in the Mainnet, an additional copy of the file is stored in the Testnet. The Testnet serves as an additional layer of security and allows for continued access to stored data in the event of a widespread failure or problem in the Mainnet. This comprehensive redundancy strategy, combined with regular checks of data integrity by the indexer, ensures that user data is reliably, securely, and always accessibly stored. It significantly contributes to maintaining WeSendit's high standards in terms of data integrity, security, and user experience.

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