Incentivizing Node Operators

Node operators are rewarded for their contribution to the network with WSI tokens. This reward structure aims to offer an attractive alternative to traditional cloud storage solutions and is based on the extent of storage space provided as well as the utilization of the node.

Services like AWS typically charge around $0.023 per GB per month, equivalent to $23.00 per TB. WeSendit provides node operators with $3.00 per used TB of storage. Additionally, incentives can be increased through multipliers. More information about the multipliers can be found at: The Multiplicator. The incentives are provided through WSI tokens to node operators at the wallet address registered during installation. WeSendit purchases WSI tokens quarterly from the open market, funded by parts of the revenues from Web3 subscriptions and the sale of storage to companies in both Web2 and Web3 sectors. These tokens are deposited into a treasury from which node operators can claim their token rewards. The multiplier is incentivized through the Operations Pool, which comprises 10% of the total supply, to qualified node operators.

The incentives are correlated with network utilization and depend on the licensed node. The node licenses (Nebula, Orbit, and Cosmos) differ in that a higher security deposit is required, thus yielding more rewards.

A detailed calculation based on example metrics and figures will be published shortly.

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