Minimum Requirements

To act as a node operator in the WeSendit network, certain system requirements are necessary to ensure that the node can work effectively and store data securely and reliably. Please note that these requirements represent only the minimum standards. Depending on the scope and nature of the data to be stored, it may be advisable to have a system with higher specifications. Additionally, a higher internet speed and greater storage capacity can increase the likelihood of being able to store more data and thus receive higher rewards.

Storage Space Even with just 1 GB of available storage space, you can operate a node and receive rewards in the form of WSI tokens for providing that storage.

Internet Connection A stable internet connection (24/7) and a fixed IP address are essential to ensure continuous availability of the data and to be able to accept new data packets promptly. Furthermore, the data transfer rate should be at least 30 MB/s to ensure efficient data transmission.

Operating System Nodes can be operated on a Linux system. Ubuntu 22 LTS is recommended as this operating system is particularly well suited due to its stability and user-friendliness. Other operating systems will be added continuously.

Hardware The hardware requirements for participating in the WeSendit network are moderate. Even a Raspberry Pi with 8 GB of RAM is sufficient to operate a node. This allows users with simpler systems to contribute to the decentralized storage of data.

  • 2 Cores

  • 4 Threads

  • 8 GB RAM

  • 180 MB/s DWS

  • 30 Mbit/s down/up speed

  • VPS and ARM64 compatible

Stake For more information about the stake, please see Setup Preparation.

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